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Guitars for Glory is a non-profit organization that is passionate about faith and music. Music is an amazing blessing that we often take for granted. There are many communities around the world who do not have access to the instruments we can so easily get our hands on. Guitars for Glory's sole desire is to put guitars and instruments in the hands of churches, schools, missionaries, and orphanages. Their hope is to enhance the musical experience of others and build up worship leaders within those communities through the giving of guitars and musical training.

Watch this 4-minute documentary of Guitars for Glory's time in Guatemala. Three guitars given. Many lives changed.



We are honored to be a part of Guitars for Glory's mission to change lives through the gift of music and training. As Guitars for Glory says, "We won't send what we wouldn't play ourselves." We echo that by saying, "We won't make what we wouldn't use ourselves."

We make each of Guitars for Glory's guitar straps by hand and stamp each strap with a unique serial number. Each serial number will be tied to an official Guitars for Glory guitar recipient. You'll be able to track your serial number back to that recipient to learn all about their story. For every 10 straps Guitars for Glory sells, we'll be able to place one guitar. Your strap will be forever tied to their story. Each time you strap on your guitar with this strap, we pray it'll be a reminder of the gift of music.

Click HERE to learn more and become part of someone's story!

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