Our Philosophy


In a small workshop, inside the home of a family of six, in a quaint town in southern Alabama, you will find Growley Leather Co.  Growley Leather Co. is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Brian and Kelli. We strive to be thoughtful and purposeful in how we choose our materials and how we design and build our leather goods. We carefully blend the tried-and-true methods of past generations with modern techniques in order to make products that live up to our standards and your expectations. Our mission is to invest in what really matters - our process, our products and people.

Choosing to purchase from a small business is choosing connection over commerce. As a buyer, you become part of someone's passion and livelihood. As makers, our hands thoughtfully shape something that your hands will hold and use for years to come. Whether you decide to buy from us or someone else, we hope you will become a part of some maker's story. 

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